Ironman for Kids is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and as such all donations are tax deductable

If you feel called to help us in our mission we are now accepting online donations and thank you in advance.


You can also help Ironman for Kids simply by using GoodSearch as your search engine. Simply go to and pull up Ironman for Kids into the who do you search for bar. You can even download the toolbar to make it easy. Also you can GoodShop for us as well.

For an in depth list of monetary needs of the foundation and how donations are used, please email us. We will be happy to share this with you and maybe you would like to personally sponsor a particular aspect of our mission.

Briefly, your donation goes to support these areas:

1. Our “Spin to Joy” program

2. Jersey’s/apparel for team TRISOMYLIFE worn in various sporting/racing events

3. Pamphlets/brochures/any and all media info. we give out at our races/events that are educational tools to spread trisomy awareness

4. Help the organizations already in existence that are big support for families who embrace a trisomy child